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Skateboarding's Impact on Society
Extreme Advertisement


Product Sales
Skate Bans & Law Enforcement
Extreme Advertisement
Sub Culture

With the growing number of skateboarders, advertising companies are capitalizing on the opportunity by focusing their ads on this target market. Products from deodorant, to sodas, to video game machines have labeled their product as extreme to appeal to this crowd.


As you can see from this picture, companies post their banners on ramps, and along the sides of the skateparks to promote their product. This is a picture of a major contest sponsored by the video game machine X-Box to focus its attentions on the younger extreme crowd.

The skateboarding legend Tony Hawk, has used his skate tricks in commercials for products ranging from Bagel Bites to a promotion for the Disney Tarzan movie. He is even seen in a milk commercial with the famous milk moustache. Skateboarders have began to show up on commercials all acrossed the television and magazines.


Skateboarders can be seen endorsing almost anything these days. Here is a picture of the new Andy MacDonald credit card by Mastercard.


Skateboarders are also sponsored by companies, and they wear these companies stickers on their helmet and skateboard to promote the company. Some skateboarders even have big corporate sponsors such as Andy MacDonald who rides for SoBe drinks, Lego, and Swatch watches. Tony Hawk is sponsored by Club Med, Hot Wheels cars, Activision, Tech Deck Toys, and Bagel Bites. These companies feel this is a sure fire way to advertise their products to their specific target market of young skateboarders.