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Skateboarding's Impact on Society
Sub Culture


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Sub Culture

Skateboarding has spawned its own sub culture from its loyal followers. This culture introduced a new style including baggy pants and shirts, and skateboarding shoes. Before long, this trend was copied by non- skaters and it became a part of the mainstream in society.


The style of wearing baggy pants and skateboard brand clothes can be seen in many bands today. This photo of the band Blink 182 shows them portraying the skater style with skateboard brand shirts and cargo shorts,and  also shoes specifically designed for skateboarding.

This sub culture faces many harsh stereotypes from society. They are scene as trouble makers, and vandals because of their look and their disregard for public property. The truth is many skateboarders have no where else to practice their sport so they are forced to skate in illegal areas. They face major reprocussions from this, and they are generally looked down on by society because they don't conform to its guidelines.