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Skateboarding's Impact on Society
Product Sales


Product Sales
Skate Bans & Law Enforcement
Extreme Advertisement
Sub Culture

Skateboarding generates lots of money for the economy through product sales. On an average, 100,000 decks are produced per month for sale. The skateboarding industry boasted sales of 720 million dollars during the past year!!!


These are the products that make up the skateboard. These inlcude the wheels, bearings, trucks, griptape, and the wooden deck.


This is what the skateboard looks like when it is completely constructed.

With the growing number of skateboarders, skateshops are selling even more skateboards. A complete skateboard cost around $130, and these parts need to be replaced quite often. The wooden deck wears out at around 2 months, and then it must be replaced. The other parts of the skateboard usually last around 6 months, and then replacements must be purchased. With all of these purchases, skateboarding can end up being a very expensive sport. All the sales tax from these purchases is returned to the economy.

Other products are seen as must haves for skateboarders. These include shirts, pants, hats, and backpacks made by skate companies. Also, many videos are purchased showing their favorite skaters doing extreme stunts. All of this excess money from these purchases flow back into the economy.