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Skateboarding's Impact on Society
Skate Bans & Law Enforcement


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Skate Bans & Law Enforcement
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Skateboarding is a hazard to pedestrians on walkways and around shops. When skateboarders decide to use planters, benches, and handrails for their tricks they can ruin public property, which cost money for the government to replace. Also, liability is an issue, since when skateboarders are injured they can sue the state for a large sum of money. For these reasons signs saying " No Skateboarding" can be seen around shops and downtown areas where skaters usually ride. These signs cost the government $20 to be produced.


Some skateboarders continue to disregard these signs, thinking that these laws don't apply to them. For this reason, security guards are hired to protect public places from destruction. Police officers also help protect these areas by giving tickets to skateboarders seen skating where the no skateboarding signs are posted. These tickets usually cost a skateboarder around $50- $100. Sometimes even skateboards are confiscated. Since many skateboarders choose to break law, the tickets are handed out at an alarming rate. The income from these tickets easilly pays for the signs, and the security guard salaries. It can even bring some money back into the economy.

These are examples of skate stoppers or nazi-nobs as they have been dubbed. They are rough pieces of metal attached to skate obstacles that are very unaeshtically pleasing, and they can harm pedestrians.


Sometimes officials get so fed up with skateboarders, that they use devices to completely render the area unskateable. These devices are called skate stoppers, and they are extremely unatrractive for the landscape. Also, these devices can harm pedestrians, because they are usually rough pieces of metal sticking out of handrails. Not to mention they really ruin a skateboarders day.